Pause & Pray - Intentional Living

Intentional Living:

by Buddy Young, West Texas A&M University

Ashley is a BSM Small group Bible Study leader in her resident hall. One of the girls, Ginny*, asked for Ashley to do a Bible Study on whether Satan and demons could be saved. Ashley and I prepared the study and Ashley presented it. The next day Ginny showed up, as usual, to the BSM free lunch. I asked her about the Bible Study and we began a discussion about the gospel. She realized that what she has been looking for was a relationship with Christ. She prayed to trust Christ. Ginny had been involved in the BSM for 9 months. Ashley and other BSM students had faithfully poured into her life lovingly living and sharing Jesus. Now they can all rejoice together for though she was lost now she is found!

*name has been changed

Pausing and Praying with you,

  • Praise the Lord that Ginny is now a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Ginny to continue to be in Christian community as she journeys to know Christ more and more.
  • Pray for students at WT to continue to proclaim Jesus as Lord and intentionally invest in the lives of their peers.
  • How to pray for Buddy: As we move into the summer we will be reaching out to new freshman and the TEXAS cast and crew. For me, there are never really any breaks in our ministry. The summer is just as busy as the Spring. Pray for me to daily find moments to be with Jesus to find renewal and refreshment from these rich times in his presence. 
  • Pray for "D" and her girlfriend. They are attending the weekly Bible Study in Buddy's home. They are very interested in understanding the truth of the gospel. Pray for open hearts to receive and respond to God's word. 


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