Pause & Pray: Hurricane Harvey

Pause & Pray for Texas BSM...
As Hurricane Harvey slowly blew through Texas it left a trail of devastation in Southeast Texas. In the weeks and months ahead there are and will be many needs that need to be met. At this time TxBSM is working hard to make contact with the BSM's in Southeast Texas to discover what the needs are as well as what can be done to help. 

Dr. Hardage, Texas Baptists Executive Director, has urged us to:  
  • Pray for the churches and communities affected, first responders and volunteers as they help those in need, and TBM as they provide disaster relief.
  •  Give to TBM to enable more disaster relief.
  • Continue to participate in your local relief and recovery efforts.
  • Stay tuned to Texas Baptists for future opportunities.

  • Pray of the TxBSM missionaries in Southeast Texas as they personally process the after effects of this disaster. Pray for them to seek wisdom from the Lord as well as trust that God will supply all of their needs.
  • Pray for TxBSM missionaries to know how to mobilize college students to participate in the the road to recovery.
  • Pray for TxBSM state leaders to know how to effectively gather and give information to help mobilize our local campuses. 
  • Pray for those who have lost everything to trust in the Lord to supply their needs. Pray that God would be glorified in the midst of the devastation.


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