Pause & Pray: Guy Leadership

Praying for Guy Leadership @ Midwestern
by Kevin Paniagua, Midwestern State University

At our leadership retreat we prayed specifically for guys to step up to be leaders as girls outnumber the guys on the leadership team 13-5. We have found a solid group of guys who love the Lord, share our beliefs, and are humble enough to know that they need discipleship. These guys have great, fun, outgoing personalities and I am excited to see how they will be used here.  All the freshmen that God has provided, guys and girls, have been an answer to prayer and gifts from God.
Pausing and Praying with you,


  • Pray for these male students to lay aside themselves and boldly choose to follow Christ with their heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  • Pray for the leadership team at Midwestern to boldly proclaim Christ.
  • Pray for Midwestern State University today and in the weeks to come, they lost a student athlete last week due to a football injury. Pray for opportunities to point people to Christ as the University has been deeply impacted by this young mans death. 


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