Pause & Pray: Redemption Through Tragedy

Redemption Through Tragedy:
by Adam JonesRice University

Students at Rice University tend to stay in their campus bubble. Everything they need is on campus and they are often too busy with school to consider leaving. However, the tragic destruction brought about by hurricane Harvey caused students to look beyond campus and strive to meet the needs of a city. On Tuesday, we notified students of a way to help the people impacted by the flooding. Student leaders rallied their friends of all beliefs to rise to the aid and partner with Crosspoint Church's relief efforts. Seeing students work tirelessly in the wake of destruction to better the lives of those in need demonstrated the Gospel to families being served and the nonbelieving students among us. The students and so many brothers and sisters in the greater Houston area are being the presence of Christ in tragedy by demonstrating that God works to redeem the world by turning tragedies into stories of His triumph and love.

Pausing and Praying with you,

  • Pray that God would use these times together to bring not-yet-believers to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Continue to pray for churches and ministries in Southeast Texas to stay the course, to love well, and to point people to Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the Rice BSM to take opportunities to invest deeply in the lives of students who do not know Jesus Christ.


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