Pause & Pray: Lunch and Encounters with Jesus

Lunch & Encounters with Jesus:
by Bernie Gallagher, Grayson/Austin College
One of the ways God has blessed our BSM this fall is our new format for our Wednesday Luncheon. After struggling over the last couple of years with decreased attendance, our leadership began to pray for a renewed vision. We were led to streamline our time frame and to add some new elements. We have begun to include group activities, video presentations, and discussion times. This has allowed for more opportunities for spiritual conversations and for the development of relationships. We know that for a significant number of those who attend our luncheon - this is the only time during the week that they have an encounter with the gospel. Our goal is to allow Christ to speak through our BSM to these students. 
Pausing and praying with you, 


  • Pray for Grayson BSM Wednesday lunch. Pray that these encounters with Jesus would be fruitful and students would place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for more fruitful spiritual conversations with students. 
  • Pray for Connor to find salvation in Jesus Christ.


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