Be Intentional About Missions Discipleship

As a 12-year old I competed for GA Sweetheart at my associational GA banquet. The event was set up like a pageant and each church had a representative. So how did we compete, you ask? We came prepared to recite our basic GA identity statements, share about the three mission offerings and how they impact missions, recite the verses outlined in the Roman Road, and sing a special song for the talent portion of the event. In front about 100 women, we did our best to impart all we learned and represent our church to the best of our ability. 

While GA pageants are no longer the go-to event for helping GA’s learn about missions, the intentionality behind it still holds for today. You see, the goal of that event was not just to have someone win the coveted tiara and sash, it was to make sure girls were learning key elements of missions education. These elements would help them have the knowledge they needed to carry on the promotion of the week of prayer, the expertise to share their faith, and the understanding to develop a ministry tool they could use in the church for years to come. 

This new generation of children is looking for ways they can be a part. Even though they are growing up in an extremely digital world, they want to make a difference. This speaks volumes to how we prepare our children to live on mission with God. By using the six objectives of WMU or what I call the BIG6, we can implement a strategy to help develop Christ followers dedicated to live on mission daily. We can provide them with tools they can use for years to come. 
1. LEARNING — Impart what the Bible says about spreading the Gospel. Share stories about how others did missions throughout history and what is happening today.  Help children learn how they can continue telling others about God’s love in their own way.

2. PRAYING — Teach them to pray…not only for their needs and wants but for the brokenhearted who are in need of hope through Christ. 

3. GIVING — Guide them in discovering the importance of why and what we give. We can give money, support, and our time for the cause of Christ. Give them opportunities to personally give to help support ministry efforts in places they are unable to go. 

4. DOING — Challenge them to live out their faith every day. As believers, we are called to go out and make disciples. Even children are called to live like Jesus. Provide opportunities for children to actively participate in mission action and witnessing. Let them see you consistently model what it is to live on mission with God daily. 

5. PARTICIPATING — Help children identify their unique gifts and talents so they can plug into the ministry of the church. Discovering these skills at an early age helps them realize that they have a role in the body of Christ. Pair children with adults on Sunday morning to help with greeting visitors, receiving the offering, or assisting with media. 

If we desire to see a generation who is committed to live on mission, we must prepare them with the tools necessary to honor the Lord at every point of their life. 
Oh, and by the way, I won sweetheart that year.
Yay, for my GA leaders! 


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