January 5

National WMU began a journey in prayer 40 days ago to pray over things that simply can’t be done without God’s guidance. In those 40 days, they sought volunteers and asked for financial support to begin the challenging work of updating their building. Sandy Wisdom-Martin, Executive Director-Treasurer of Woman’s Missionary UnionÒ, challenged people to pray big, bold prayers as they sought to follow God’s will for the years ahead. Today is the 40th day. Join in their prayer – “Thank God for every gift, every volunteer, and every person who participates in the renovation of the WMU building. To Him and Him alone be the glory and honor for what will be accomplished toward fulfilling our missionary purpose through the renovation of the WMU building.”
“Lord, I know how famous you are. I have great respect for you because of your mighty acts. Do them again for us. Make them known in our time.” Habakkuk 3:2 (NIV)
National WMU


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