Setting The Foundation

Do you remember playing with building blocks as a preschooler? It was critical to get the foundation just right so that your amazing tower would not topple over. In our Christian walk, it is also critical to develop a solid foundation. That foundation begins with Jesus. 

Let the little children come to me. Don’t keep them away. The kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them” (Matthew 19:14).

No matter how old we are, Christians are charged with making disciples. Of course, this will look completely different for a preschooler. So how do we help preschoolers make disciples? Don’t think of Mission Friends as just an organization; think of it as an emphasis. It is an emphasis intentional on encouraging children to tell others about God’s love. This is the simplest way to think of preschool missions. 
Preschoolers come to Jesus in such innocence. As preschool teachers, we hear all kinds of stories from the mouths of babes. They share freely. This must be why Jesus encourages us to come to Him with the heart of a child. If we did, we would share His story with others without reservation. 
So how do we build a foundation for preschoolers to live on mission?


Consider your preschoolers’ life development. They are developing habits, recognizing letters, honing motor skills, enjoying arts and crafts, reading out loud, and playing. As you introduce missions concepts to them, make sure you connect it to where they are developmentally. You might start with the letter “M” for missions or “G” for God. 


Using your learning centers, help preschoolers learn how to share about God’s love. I use the First Steps in Missions book to plan out interaction in the learning centers. This resource gives you the activities, songs, and stories you can use to make your class time productive. If you don’t have set learning centers at your church, all you need to do is bring a few items and set up learning areas in your space. The preschoolers will not know the difference. Role playing how to share the gospel helps preschoolers connect their life with the Gospel. 
Developing a foundation of intentional missions living takes work. This is not babysitting; it’s discipleship. WMU offers great resources to help you develop your preschool missionaries. Not every resource will fit the needs of your group, but start small and find just the thing to help set a solid foundation


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