What Will Help Shape Adults for Missional Living in 2018?

They will focus on four important missional components: prayer, the Gospel, creating space for relationships, and investing in others.

Being on mission in a postmodern world is a thread woven throughout the year for both Adults on Mission and Women on Mission.

 Kathleen Penton writes, “Postmodernists don’t believe in absolute truths. They believe everything is relative and shaped by the cultural context of a particular time and place. So when Christians share the truth of the gospel with postmodernists, they may get rebuffed.” 

This year you will find insights, tools, and strategies to help you understand postmodernism and how to relate to those who embrace this worldview.

“Cultural Divides” is an insightful article series in Missions Mosaic that will help readers learn how to connect with diverse segments in our society as well as people dealing with hard life situations. You will explore things like social media, poverty, foster care, suicide, drug addiction, homosexuality, mental illness, and autism. These tough issues often challenge us to consider what is cultural about our beliefs and what is biblical. Learners will be challenged with the question, “How can you live your faith and exhibit grace?”

The 2017-2018 year brings Project HELPsm: PTSD to a close. Creating awareness of PTSD is the beginning of knowing how to minister to people who suffer from it. Author David Crosby has written Your Pain is Changing You which focuses on a response to suffering. Trading Up is another resource that offers biblical examples with strategic questions that present hope and examples of healing for those dealing with PTSD. These can be ordered at www.wmustore.com.

Adults on Mission or smaller membership churches have a great resource in the 2017-2018 Missions Plan Book. It contains great information and tons of ideas related to missions praying, reaching others with the Gospel, and missional living.

It is going to be a great year of developing spiritually toward as missions lifestyle as adults study God’s word, pray for the mission fields, get involved in sharing the Gospel, and support others who are serving in Texas, North America, and around the world.


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