December 1-7

December 1-7

You can make a difference by praying for the ministries that receive funding from the Mary Hill Davis Offering. Each Texas Baptist ministry that receives funding, is arranged into one of four categories:  S.A.L.T.

Serve Ministries – Caring for the whole person is a demonstration of the gospel and often opens the door for more effective sharing of the gospel.

Choose two or three ministries each day during December 1-7.
Pray for the staff as they implement their plans and for those whose lives are impacted by their ministry as they carry out the S.A.L.T. objectives.

1.      BOUNCE – Collegiate Interns (David Scott)
2.      BOUNCE – Hispanic/Bilingual Student Scholarships (David Scott)
3.      BOUNCE – Student Disaster Recovery - Coordinator Logistics Travel (David Scott)
4.      Field Service Coordinators / River Ministry Missionaries (Daniel Rangel)
5.      Texas Baptist Mission Volunteers (Tom Howe)
6.      The Great Commission Grant (Mario Gonzalez)
7.      Border Work Compilation / River Ministry Community Outreach (Daniel Rangel)
8.      Seasoned Saints and Family Conference – African American Ministries (Roy Cotton)
9.      Camp Exalted – African American Ministries (Roy Cotton)
10.  Hispanic Summer Missionaries (Rolando Rodriguez)
11.  Entrena-T Centers in Action (Rolando Rodrigue)
12.  Project: Start – Intercultural Ministries (Patty Lane)
13.  Small Church Impact Grants (Ira Antoine / Keith Crouch)
14.  Special Association Allocations (Lorenzo Peña)
15.  Borderland Association Funding (Lorenzo Peña)
16.  Set Apart Mission (Baptist University of the Américas)
17.  WMU of Texas South Texas Home Build (Buckner Children and Family Services)
18.  Fall Festival (East Texas Baptist University)
19.  Orange County Rebuild (Texas Baptist Men)

If you would like more information regarding the ministries you have prayed for, please contact Beth Campbell at 214-828-5155 or email


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