December 16-22

December 16-22

You can make a difference by praying for the ministries that receive funding from the Mary Hill Davis Offering. Each Texas Baptist ministry that receives funding, is arranged into one of four categories:  S.A.L.T.

Love the Least of These – Special need adults, victims of human trafficking, single moms, men needing life and employment skills, and people living in poverty and needing help are some of “the least of these”. These ministries seek to serve those who can be forgotten or overlooked.  

Choose two or three ministries each day during December 16-22.
Pray for the staff as they implement their plans and for those whose lives are impacted by their ministry as they carry out the S.A.L.T. objectives.

1.      Christy’s House – Missions (Jair Campos)
2.      Special Friends Retreat (Diane Lane)
3.      Immigration Service and Aid Center – Christian Life Commission (Gus Reyes)
4.      Community Care – Christian Life Commission (Gus Reyes)
5.      Community Justice – Christian Life Commission (Gus Reyes)
6.      Human Trafficking – Christian Life Commission (Gus Reyes)
7.      Neighborhood Renewal Initiative (East Texas Baptist University)
8.      Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus (Hardin-Simmons University, Department of Physical Therapy)
9.      Christian Women’s Job CorpsÒ and Christian Men’s Job CorpsÒ (WMU of Texas / Becky Ellison)
10.  Thrive 2:7 (WMU of Texas / Becky Ellison)
11.  Help for Homes (Valley Baptist Mission Education Center)
12.  Campamento (Valley Baptist Mission Education Center)

If you would like more information regarding the ministries you have prayed for, please contact Beth Campbell at 214-828-5155 or email


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