December 23-31

December 23-31

You can make a difference by praying for the ministries that receive funding from the Mary Hill Davis Offering. Each Texas Baptist ministry that receives funding, is arranged into one of four categories:  S.A.L.T.

Tell Ministries – Lots of people do very good things to help others. But what sets followers of Jesus apart? We also share the life-changing story of God’s redemptive work in the lives of those He invites to know Him. These ministries enable Texas Baptists to be an intentional witness. 

Choose two or three ministries each day during December 23-31.
Pray for the staff as they implement their plans and for those whose lives are impacted by their ministry as they carry out the S.A.L.T. objectives.

1.      Church Starting (Paul Atkinson)
2.      BaptistWay Press (Bob Billups)
3.      Texas Baptist Missionaries (Tom Howe)
4.      Oil Field Initiatives (Tom Howe)
5.      Arena / Outreach Events – Western Heritage (Jason Bryant)
6.      La Mano de Dios – Soccer Outreach (Rolando Rodriguez)
7.      Strategic Outreach – Intercultural Ministries (Patty Lane)
8.      Go Now Missions – Collegiate Ministry (Joyce Ashcraft)
9.      International Student Ministry – Collegiate Ministry (Joyce Ashcraft)
10.  Campus Evangelism and Outreach – Collegiate Ministry (Joyce Ashcraft)
11.  Partnership Internship Missions (Baptist University of the América’s)
12.  Passion Missions Worship Team (Baptist University of the América’s)
13.  Students on Mission (South Texas Children’s Home Ministries)
14.  Hispanic RA Camp at Camp Menard (Texas Baptist Men)
15.  Texas State Basketball Tournament (Texas Baptist Men)

If you would like more information regarding the ministries you have prayed for, please contact Beth Campbell at 214-828-5155 or email


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