December 8-15

December 8-15

You can make a difference by praying for the ministries that receive funding from the Mary Hill Davis Offering. Each Texas Baptist ministry that receives funding, is arranged into one of four categories:  S.A.L.T.

Advance Missions Leadership – A critical need in Texas is equipping both clergy and laity to have a missional mindset and tools to lead their congregations to reach their communities by effectively sharing the gospel and serving others. 

Choose two or three ministries each day during December 8-15.
Pray for the staff as they implement their plans and for those whose lives are impacted by their ministry as they carry out the S.A.L.T. objectives.

1.      Center for Ministerial Excellence (Dowell Loftis)
2.      Chaplain, Pastor, and Staff Training (Jim Brown)
3.      State Employed Chaplain Training (Jim Brown)
4.      Leadership Develop – Missions (Daniel Rangel)
5.      Key Church Strategy / Minister of Missions (Josue Valerio)
6.      Mission Shaped Leadership Training (Josue Valerio)
7.      Urban Pastor Certificate (Tom Howe)
8.      Urban Pastor Peer Groups (Tom Howe)
9.      Vision Trip to Urban Areas (Tom Howe)
10.  Texas Baptist Vision Trips (Tom Howe)
11.  GC2 Experience (Tom Howe)
12.  House Congregations and Multi-housing Churches (Mario Gonzalez)
13.  Texas Baptists Missions Conference (Jair Campos)
14.  Ethnic Youth Worker Scholarship – Youth + Family + NextGen Ministry Conclave (Jane Wilson)
15.  Hispanic Leadership Conference “In His Hands” (Rolando Rodriguez)
16.  Hispanic Preaching Conference (Rolando Rodriguez)
17.  Companerismos on Mission (Rolando Rodriguez)
18.  Ethnic Events – Intercultural Ministries (Patty Lane)
19.  Intercultural Youth Ministries – Camp Fusion (Mark Heavener)
20.  Mary Hill Davis Ethnic / Minority Scholarship – Cultural Engagement (Lorenzo Peña)
21.  Hispanic Churches in Transition (Lorenzo Peña)
22.  Mega Focus Funding – Cultural Engagement (Lorenzo Peña(
23.  Becoming an Externally Focused Church Training – Christian Life Commission (Gus Reyes)
24.  Community Transformation Initiative – Christian Life Commission (Gus Reyes)
25.  Congregational Social Work Scholars- Christian Life Commission (Gus Reyes)
26.  Baptist Bible Institute (Baptist University of the Américas)
27.  BUA Mission Day (Baptist University of the Américas)
28.  Call and Mission Integration (Baptist University of the Américas)
29.  Latina Leadership Institute Trainings (Christian Latina Leadership Institute)
30.  Leadership Training Camp (Texas Baptist Men)
31.  Texas State Staffer Ministry (Texas Baptist Men)
32.  Scholarship - Wayland Baptist University Certificate of Ministry Degree (Valley Baptist Mission Education Center)

If you would like more information regarding the ministries you have prayed for, please contact Beth Campbell at 214-828-5155 or email


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